NASA has made a statement that an Antarctic ice shelf that has been on watch for decades is about to have a large iceberg break free.

This solid piece of ice has about twice the area of New York City with a visible crack that scientists have followed through using aerial images.

It was back in 1955 when Human presence was established on the Brunt Ice Shelf, according to NASA.

NASA gave out two images of the Brunt Ice Shelf. The first one was captured by the Landsat 5 back in January 1986 while the latest one taken by the Landsat 8 in January 2019.

A massive crack evident in the images has grown considerably over the last three decades. It spans almost through the entire ice shelf, which is expected to break free soon.

Should the 660 square miles section separate, it would be the biggest iceberg to do so since monitoring of the ice shelf began with British explorer Ernest Shackleton’s survey in 1915.

Looking at the bigger picture of icebergs, however, NASA says the ice chunk won’t be gigantic in size, probably not even making it in ‘top 20 list’ of icebergs by size.

Concerns also arise over what effect the break will have on the Brunt Ice Shelf itself. As NASA says that a merge point south of the McDonald Ice Rumples could unsettle the remaining ice shelf.

Although such breakages are common for ice shelves, NASA describes this particular one as “unfamiliar” for the region.

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