Maybe robots putting up buildings together won’t be an uncommon scene in the next few years. But, South Korea just wants to be the starter.

The planned Robot Science Museum in Seoul will have a humdinger of a first exhibition: its own robotic construction.

The idea for robotic construction advances from Melike Altinisik Architects(MAA), the Turkish firm that won a competition to design the museum.

Their presentation took the form of an egg-like shape wrapped in panels that can be lifted into place by robotic arms.

“From design, manufacturing to construction and services robots will be in charge,” the firm announced after they had won the competition.

Clearly, the building has been designed by the skilled humans at MAA, in spite of a great deal of help from computers. But robots will be integral to its creation.

According to World Architecture, all the parts will be designed digitally, and robots will “mold, assemble, weld and polish” the plates for the outside. Lastly, it will be the robots who will arrange them.

The base and surrounds will be created by an immense 3D printer laying down concrete.

Although a large part of the project will, unfortunately, have to be done by people, it will certainly exhibit what can be achieved through robots and computers.

Development is set to start by 2020, with the building opening its doors in 2022 as a branch of the Seoul Metropolitan Museum.

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